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What clients have to say about
Attorney Stacey A. Lafitte:
"I am so grateful that Stacey fought for me, and didn't give up! The process was brutal, but she was tenacious! I will never forget what she did for me in our divorce. Thank you, Stacey!"
J.Z., Houston, Texas
"I wouldn't have wanted anyone else in our corner and by my side than Stacey!"
S.B., Houston, Texas 
"Stacey went above and beyond for me in trial, making sure my interests were protected.  She fought for me, and got me what I needed, and that was so important.  I felt secure having Stacey there, dealing with all the issues - I didn't have to worry.  She was ethical, and handled everything beautifully. I am so grateful!"
L.A., San Antonio, Texas

"From the first time I saw her in action, I knew Stacey was a champion!  She is magnificent in court, and I am so grateful for all of her efforts.  She is so thoughtful, and always made time for my case and my questions, even when I knew she had none to spare.  The judges really listen to her, and seem to respect her a lot.  You wouldn't expect to say this about a lawyer, but she is also quite funny - and really helped me through some tough moments!  Stacey has represented me in two different trials, and we won both times!  I think she is wonderful!"  

H.C.R., Katy, Texas 

"Stacey is an excellent attorney, and she does a very good job for her clients. She is smart, honest, and practical. I highly recommend her."
S.G., Houston, Texas

"We are so grateful for the work that Stacey did so expeditiously and wonderfully in our case!  We are very pleased that we are no longer 'treading water'.  Again, Stacey is wonderful and our family is truly, very, eternally grateful for her!" S.G. & D.G., Geneva, N.Y. 

"Stacey really took care of my son and our family during my son’s divorce. We had a very rough seven months, but we survived because of our faith and Stacey’s help. Despite everything involved in my son’s case, Stacey was never judgmental, and I appreciated that so much. Now that this is behind us, with time, I know our family will heal. Stacey gave us good advice, always looked after our interests, and focused on what was best for my son and our granddaughter. I wish her the best always!"  S.B., Houston, TX
"I can't thank Stacey enough for handling my legal matters! She truly relieved my stress!"
L.J., Dallas, Texas
"Stacey represented me in my child support modification case, and did a fantastic job. I was quite nervous about this litigation, because previous modifications brought by my ex had been extremely difficult, and I knew it was only going to be worse this time around. Well, the case is finally over (for now, at least!), and Stacey performed in a diligent, caring, personalized and professional manner. She rose to the occasion and really impressed me with her dealings with my ex’s attorney. At trial, Stacey remained calm, collected and focused on the task at hand. I appreciate Stacey in more ways than I can count – including the fact that she worked with me through my financial hardship. I recommend Stacey highly to anyone looking for a family law attorney who is professional, diligent, knowledgeable, and classy."  
Law Enforcement Officer A.S., Houston, TX

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